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Charles "Champ" Walker has built a solid reputation as an entrepreneur, community activist and talk show host. His adroitness as a master communicator has not undermined his ability to expose the truth. Champ Walker isn't afraid to speak up and tell it like it is. His demeanor is one of a calm, sober-minded spirit that seeks to heal rather than divide, preferring to talk rather than fuss. This demeanor is evident through his talk show, where he launches each session with prayer and brings the truth to listeners of all ethnicities. There is no issue that isn't broached, nor any question that goes unanswered. The conversational subjects range from whether an idea is good for race relations, to asking a Judge how can he/she justify violating an obvious ethics conflict.

Some consider Champ Walker's impact on the community as a 'lightning rod'. Champ concurs that he can easily see why some individuals would hold that impression. The daily media's owner, Mr. Billy Morris, and Charles Walker, Sr. (Champ's father) have been in opposition for years concerning extremely significant political dealings. Champ eloquently approaches distorted realities and the unscrupulous actions of a high-ranking few, which have tainted the truth for so long. He exposes the status quo to offer an ordinary person the decision to weigh reality against what has been purported as truth.

Champ Walker speaks to an audience of thousands daily via his talk show with the selfless aim of unifying persons of diverse backgrounds. He believes that the media can be the greatest resource available in promoting racial unity and effective in turning the local economy around. He objectively critiques the daily newspaper's editorials. Champ divulges the facts and further illustrates the logic that exposes political bias and reveals hidden personal agendas.

The talk show birthed out of a need to give those who have been victims of Weapons of Mass Deception (WMD) the opportunity to tell their side of the story.

Charles Walker Sr. launched the Augusta Focus newspaper to address unequivocally the issues and concerns of the community. The newspaper's dedication to expose inconsistencies and prejudices drew persecution from those who arguably did not want to see justice and impartiality obtainable to all citizens and not just a select few. Many have voiced that the Augusta Chronicle prompted the investigation. Likewise, initially Champ created a talk show to answer the detractors of the James Brown Music Festival.   It was noted that The Chronicle and local talk show Austin Rhodes seemingly engaged in a smear campaign to discredit Champ's efforts. There was a complete distortion of the facts to assuage the supporters and attendees of the event. Misinformation was printed and broadcasted regarding who was to perform; false information was alleged about the Charity's non-profit status; artists were harassed and misquoted, suggested that Champ was after the James Brown estate; and furthermore, the public was aggressively misinformed that James Brown was not going to perform at his own festival. Many in the community did not see the full picture until months later when the Godfather of Soul passed away on December 25, 2006. To date, as a result of Champ Walker's efforts, the city of  Augusta, Georgia has attempted to honor the Godfather in several ways – to include having the old civic center renamed the James Brown Arena; promoting a tour of James Brown's roots; plans to start a museum; developing a postage stamp; to creating a school of music.

Walker is straightforward with listeners that call in to his talk show. He informs his callers, "If you don't have facts and have researched your subject, don't call in."

Talk shows are crucial in any city. The community can engage in constructive dialog spotlighting important issues affecting their lives and actually have an influence as to which direction the city takes. However, when there is a hidden agenda and ratings become the sole focus, talk shows like any other medium, can be our worst enemy. It is evident in Austin Rhodes' 'on air' antics promoted via his talk show.

The most constructive course of action for us to take as a community is to purge the venomous propaganda by addressing the persons that divides so many of us –the clever wordsmiths with a hidden agenda.

It is our moral duty to tackle those who control the right-winged media and encourage racial strife. A champion of racial unity, Champ Walker and his organization have traveled  around the globe delivering a message that is embodied in the Heritage Crest - the first African American Crest, created by Champ Walker over fifteen years ago.

He is an entrepreneur who assists other entrepreneurs in nurturing their businesses. He is passionate about economic development, and has created several slogans and award-winning concepts. Champ Walker was responsible for changing the Augusta-Richmond County tagline to "We Feel Good." In addition, he is the founder of YEA Young Entrepreneurs and Associates, the James Brown Music Festival, Heritage Street Unity Festival, the EAS Essential Attitude Skills program and has served on numerous boards.

To interview Champ Walker or to invite him to speak call, please call 1-706-722-4222.


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